Chahta Enterprise




No matter what your commercial wiring harness goals – from automating a security system to retrofitting a helicopter – you’re really only looking for one thing.   A connection you can count on.  At Chahta, we’ve built a career on making those connections and with 20 years of award winning service to clients like Ford, GM,   Navistar, Red Dot, Hollingsworth Logistics, Howard Turnes, Augusta Coding, Wesco Evans, Sears Seating, Red Dot, CompCam, Ford Component Sales & Lester Electronic, it’s clear those connections are built to last.

Carthage has TS16949 Quality Certifications.  A lean “pull system” is used as the basis for manufacturing.  Shipping plans are dynamic to support customers’ Just-In-Time, or other unique delivery requirements.  Chahta Enterprise excels at reacting to schedule and design changes and has a 100% OTD rating.